Programming, IT Design & Architecture, Virtualization, Database design and programming, and Network Security. I like to wear many hats.

Advanced Python programming projects in large scale multiprocessing, networked suites with database backends, utilizing api's like PyQt in the frontend all from scratch is what I love. I try to focus on improving in quality and productivity in every project.

Working in data centers as small as a few racks to as large as football fields at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has given me insight into the capabilities and limitations of organizations large and small. I enjoy planning and executing network expansions and redesigns for growth, security, and stability.

I've worked with Scientists, Teachers, Federal Law Enforcement, Administrators, Auditors, Executive Level and more. Technology is all about people and communication.


Masters of Science in Information Systems
University of Phoenix 2006

Bachelors of Science in Computer Science
Old Dominion University 2002


02/2008 - Current:
Software Engineer:
Fairfield Industries Inc.

  • Full stack software design and development for scientific research, operations, and manufaturing with Qpid AMQP messaging, PostgreSQL databases, Qt, PyQt, and GTK.
  • Maintains Linux servers, NFS, CIFS, samba, LDAP, Qemu and KVM Virtualization, CentOS high performance clusters, PostgreSQL databases, and disaster recovery backup systems.
  • Analyzes and designs systems to increase performance, availability, and reliability.
  • Provides troubleshooting guidance for network infrastructure and related systems.
  • Designs, develops, and maintains systems to automate software building, email notification, build analysis, and network infrastructure monitoring.

10/2006 - 01/2008:
Information Technology Specialist:
Department of Education, Office of Inspector General

  • Developed custom applications to aid in fraud, identity theft, and other criminal investigations.
  • Supported Special Agents and auditors with data mining efforts and analysis reports.
  • Reviewed change requests for all upgrades, modifications, and additions to the network.
  • Implemented Oracle RAC database environments and data mining/graphical link analysis applications.
  • Maintained IT systems including Netapp and Apple SAN, Juniper Netscreen SSL VPN, Cisco Ethernet switches, Apache and IIS web servers, Oracle RAC, Windows Server, Redhat Enterprise, Gentoo Linux, Fibre Channel, NFS, OCFS2, ASM, iSCSI, RAID storage configurations, and HP tape drive autoloaders.

09/2006 - 10/2006:
Senior Network Engineer:
Trawick Inc.

  • Automated installation and configuration of 100+ VMware ESX installations on Dell servers and EMC SANs.
  • Planed and supervised implementation of a collaborative content management system on Windows Servers.
  • Provided Windows server support and Exchange troubleshooting.
  • Managed initial installation and configuration of 20 racks of ESX servers, UPS, and switches.
  • This position was temporary contract employment at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office while awaiting top secret security clearance.

12/2005 - 09/2006:
Network Engineer:
Portsmouth Public Schools

  • Project Manager for implementation of network security related systems.
  • Conducted incident investigations, computer forensics, network audits, risk assessment, and evaluation of security advisories.
  • Developed and tested disaster recovery documentation and procedures.
  • Identified vulnerabilities in networks, applications, and systems and issued recommendations to reduce the level of risk.
  • Responsible for training and development of junior network security engineers.
  • Maintained Cisco PIX Firewall, Symantec Anti-Virus Servers, CommVault Data Backup, HP EVA SAN, email spam and virus filtering, Snort Intrusion Detection, WebSense, Cisco VPN, and VMware ESX.

03/2002 - 12/2005:
Network Engineer:
Norfolk Public Schools

  • Project Manager for network security related systems.
  • Trained network engineers in security procedures and network administration.
  • Evaluated IT security incident response policies, identifying the need for changes based on new technologies or threats.
  • Resolved system integration security issues.
  • Conducted incident investigations, network audits, security advisory evaluation and maintenance of disaster recovery documentation.
  • Maintained data backup systems, network appliances, content filtering gateways, OpenBSD pf, CheckPoint firewalls, and VMware servers.
  • Instituted measures to ensure IT security awareness/compliance, reviews new systems, networks, and software proposals for potential security risks.


Volunteer Work:
Second Chance Animal Shelter website design

Training Course:
Programming with Qt

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In my spare time I've been developing and publishing free Android games and applications.